Utilisation of marginal lands for growing sustainable industrial crops and developing innovative bio-based product (MIDAS)



 The project between 2022-2026 aims to develop, evaluate and optimize sustainable low-ILUC feedstock at selected industrial crops and cropping systems on European marginal agricultural land. By mapping of the actual and future marginal lands that may be certified as low-ILUC, including current and future expectations on soil erosion and water stress as well as biodiversity challenges and potentials, ecosystem services will improve understanding of the available marginal land for low ILUC biomass production. Selected industrial crops, already adapted to marginal lands, will be optimized through modern biotechnology tools - particularly for water-use efficiency - and through tailored agronomic practices towards improved resource efficiency. Case studies of innovative farming systems (inter-cropping, agroforestry) established on marginal land at farm level will improve harvesting solutions, biodiversity data and guidelines while relevant actors will be engaged through Regional Advisory Groups. From the produced biomass innovative bio-based products (biochemicals, composites, and elastomers) will be developed, following the biorefinery and the circular use concept and business plans to foster circularity at farm level.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under gran agreement No 101082070.